Land Use Analysis

Land Use Analysis

Zoning Review

Site Visit

Market Demand Assessment



Comparable Properties

Market Activity

Opportunities and Constraints



Highest and Best Use Determination

Project Management

Stakeholder / Political Outreach


Value Proposition & Competitive Advantage

Our team has proven experience to successfully navigate the complex development process as well as the organizational or public complexity that is layered on to the already cumbersome infill site. In addition to possessing the ability to maximize your asset’s worth, manage the process of planning, secure governmental approvals and sale, we work to understand your needs and assist clients in reaching consensus on their organizational needs and objectives.

Fee Structure

We provide our clients with a range of compensation alternatives. We can offer fee based services, fees based upon the success of the project, or a mix of both tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We strive to make sure our clients fully understand both the risks and merits of the development opportunity before over-committing to the process.


Our team will develop a customized approach to overcome the organizational or public complexity that is typically unpalatable to a traditional developer. Our services range from an Initial Land Use Analysis, Estimated Valuation, Development Decision Matrix,
Entitlement / Development Approval Project Management, Development Partnerships. Whether it’s an initial consultation or subdividing your land, our team can help you maximize your land’s value from beginning to end.

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