Mowry Avenue

Founded in 1945, Fremont Journey of Faith has had a long history in the city of Fremont. The Church approached DCG to assess their property located at 4674 Mowry Avenue in Fremont, CA and bares a Residential-Low General Plan designation and an R-1-6 Zoning.
Despite an abundance of community involvement and outreach programs, the Church still found themselves limited by their available funds. Similar to most religious organizations, the preponderance of their money lay beneath their feet


Their hope was to be able to continue their wonderful legacy by selling their current property and using these funds to relocate to a new church home in Fremont.While private-schools and larger churches were investigated for the subject site, it was clear that peak traffic loads in the morning and afternoon would not be welcome or appropriate. The Church originally engaged with DCG as an Owner Representative / Broker and subsequently went into contract with a privately owned builder. However, when the builder failed to continue at the end of the due diligence period, DCG endeavored to purchase and entitle the property themselves as a strong level of trust had been built with the Church.


DCG originally began planning the subject site with 29 conventional single-family detached homes. After meeting with the city of Fremont Planning Department numerous times and the neighborhood three times the project was adjusted the proposed executive 21 single-family detached homes and eliminated all cut through streets. The project is projected to receive entitlements prior to the end of 2017. DCG will also be assisting the Church with their search and relocation to their new church home.