Mission Olive

DCG was contacted by the owner of 1435 Olive Avenue who wanted to explore the development potential of a large lot behind his existing home. DCG determined that the easement rights associated with his parcel allowed for access through the backside of his property.
Furthermore, a portion of his property was adjacent to a vacant parcel owned by Temple Beth Torah Synagogue.
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The neighboring home, located at 1507 Olive Avenue, was also located on a deep lot with development potential. DCG entered into separate contracts to purchase the property at 1435 Olive Avenue, as well as portions of the Temple Beth Torah Synagogue and 1507 Olive Avenue.


The complexities associated with this unique infill project required our development team to coordinate with multiple property stakeholders in order to collectively create a Preliminary and Precise Planned District within the heart of an established neighborhood. While this project may appear small, with regard to the number of lots, it had all of the design and engineering challenges typically encountered in a large residential development.



The six new homes range in size from 2,600 to 3,400 square feet and have been designed to the highest architectural standards. The upgrades to the existing infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, landscaping etc.) will provide major benefits to the existing neighborhood.
Our development team sought the input of the surrounding property owners, and worked extensively with them, to ensure that we obtained their support. The result is something special that we will look back upon with pride.